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In the early days, our journey began with a vision—to bring the natural beauty of teak wood to the world in a sustainable manner. What started as a modest plantation in Ecuador, has since flourished into a thriving legacy of two decades, rooted in a profound commitment to excellence and eco-conscious practices.

Every tree in our teak plantation tells a story of growth, care, and stewardship. Our journey has been a testament to the power of sustainable cultivation, guided by the principles of responsible forestry. We’ve weathered challenges, honed our craft, and cultivated not just teak trees but also lasting relationships with our clients.

As we expanded, we realized the importance of controlling the entire supply chain. That’s why we invested in our own sawmill and manufacturing facility.

 It allowed us to ensure the highest standards of quality at every stage, from harvesting to processing. This commitment to control and precision has made us a trusted source for furniture, decking, ceiling, and siding manufacturers across Europe.

Our mission is unwavering—to deliver teak wood of unmatched quality, sourced sustainably, and offered at a price that empowers your business. It’s a mission grounded in the belief that when you choose us, you choose not just products, but a partnership built on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to a more sustainable future.

So, as you explore our range of hand-picked, high-quality teak, remember that behind each grain is a story—a story of our dedication to sustainability and the enduring success and stability we bring to your business.


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